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Amy Eliezer
CNY Celiacs Support Group Founder, President 1995-2004

The original founder of the C.N.Y. Celiac support group was Amy Eliezer, M.S..R.D. She was diagnosed 50 years ago, after the birth of her first child, while living in Scarsdale, N. Y. Sickly, pale, losing weight and unable to nurse her baby she went from doctor to doctor only to be told that her problems were psychological. A young internist opened a new practice down the street. Along with a colleague doing medical research, he suggested something new - a gluten free diet. The results were very dramatic. Today the diagnosis is more definitive but there is no cure.

Amy retired to Syracuse to take care of her aging mother but there was no support group in this area. She knew the learning curve was steep and holds unexpected trouble. Some medicines, food stabilizers, preservatives and bonding agents contain gluten.

She attended national conferences and decided to start a support group. In July 1995, she conducted the second meeting at Upstate Hospital with whatever information she had gathered on Celiac research.

We owe Amy sincere thanks for forming our group and now she has created the Sarasota Manatee Celiac Support Group in Florida. She said they get three or four newly diagnosed people every month. Her diet has become second nature and she hardly thinks about it at home because there are so many gluten free foods, fresh and canned available now. She still is very cautious about eating out at restaurants and calls ahead because it is always a risk. She now lives a very busy life and does not feel deprived at all but feels very fortunate to be healthy.

(Adapted from: "Gulf Coast Healthy Living" – 2008 by Sally Seeley)

Ruth Wyman
CNY Celiacs Support Group President from 2004 to Present

"- In the summer of 1995 my husband was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Amy Eliezer had just started the CNY Celiac Support Group that year. She was a life saver to me, as very little material about Celiac Disease was available then.

Amy moved to Sarasota, Florida in 2004. Due to my background in nursing and a desire to continue our support group, I became President and co-editor of our newsletter.

In 2005 we held our first Celiac Disease blood screening, sponsored by the Celiac Research Center of University of Maryland. Much to my surprise, I came out positive with no previous symptoms.

We continue to hold meetings every other month and have grown to over 200 members. Every newly diagnosed celiac is sent a new patient packet with information about Celiac Disease by our Membership Chairman, Sally Seeley.

We have a large group of dedicated volunteers. With their help, we have a yearly fund-raiser for Celiac Research in hopes of finding a cure for Celiac Disease."

Ruth Wyman

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